Q and A

Course Enrollment  /  履修について

Can I take the course from the middle of the course, such as Grade 2 or 3, instead of starting from Grade 1?


Yes, all levels and courses are independent, so you can start at any level. However, the lessons will be taught as if you had already studied the material up to that point.


Is it possible to take an exam(JFT-Basic or N4) in the middle of Grade 5, Grade 4, etc.?


Yes, you can. However, even if you pass the exam in the middle of the course, you are still required to take the class until the end. No refunds will be given if you quit in the middle of the course.


When should I register for classes?


You may register for "Introduction" at any time. After payment is completed, you will be able to use the system for 12 months.

For "Elementary," "Intermediate 1," and "Intermediate 2," registration and payment must be completed by the 25th of the month prior to the course. However, if the Zoom class reaches capacity, you may be asked to wait until the next class starts.



About Teaching Materials  /  教材について

When may I ask my homeroom teacher a question?


Questions can be asked in the social networking class group or in individual chats with your homeroom teacher 24 hours a day. Your homeroom teacher will respond as soon as he/she confirms your question. However, homeroom teachers will not be able to answer questions beyond the standard study time. In other words, the question period is 4 months for "Introductory", 2 months for "Beginner", 2 months for "Intermediate 1", and 2 months for "Intermediate 2".


About Fees  /  費用について

Is the use of SNS free of charge?


It is completely free, We will never charge you anything other than what is written in the fees.

※From intermediate level (N3) onward, students are required to purchase textbooks.



Are there any fees other than tuition, such as enrollment fees and textbook fees?


No, there are no fees. There are no fees. Other than tuition, everything is free of charge.There is no entrance fee.However, for "Intermediate 1" and "Intermediate 2," we ask that you purchase the online textbook.


About the Class  /  授業について

How many students are in a ZOOM Course?


The maximum number of students in a class is 6. We keep the class size small in order to give each learner a full opportunity to speak. Students study with the same teacher and classmates until the end of the course. This allows the teacher and students to get to know each other and the students to get to know each other well.


Can I participate in a Zoom lesson from my smartphone?


You can take classes from your smartphone. You can take classes during work, from a cafe, or even on your way to work, as long as you can get into zoom. If you are unable to take the class, you can study by watching a video recording of the class.


What should I do if I cannot attend a Zoom class?


Zoom classes are recorded. You can review the video of the class on the day you missed the class. Even if you are not absent from class, we recommend that you use the video as a review. If you have any questions at that time, please ask your homeroom teacher.


I don't know how to use Zoom or SNS. What should I do?


We will distribute learning videos on how to use them before class. Please make sure you understand how to use them before coming to class. If you still do not understand after watching the videos, please contact the Customer Center.


Do you offer JFT-Basic or JLPT test preparation classes?


The entire class is test preparation. In Grade 5 and Grade 6, mock tests will be given to prepare students for the test.


Others  /  その他

Are the teachers Japanese?


Please refer to the Teachers page. 


Is it okay to ask questions in English about things I don't understand in class?


Yes, it is okay. It is important to ask questions using the Japanese you have learned. However, when you are just beginning to learn Japanese, it may be difficult to explain what you do not understand in Japanese. In that case, you may ask questions in English. The teacher can also reply in English.


Can I obtain a college student visa when I enroll?


We are sorry. We cannot obtain a college student visa because we are an online school.


Can I take classes without taking the JFT-Basic or JLPT?


Yes.JFT-Basic and JLPT N4 are just an indication of language proficiency. It is not mandatory to pass or take the exam.

はい、できます。JFT-BasicやJLPT N4は、ただの語学力の目安です。合格や受験することを必須としているわけではありません。

Corporations  /  法人の方

Can I sign a corporate contract instead of an individual contract?


Yes, we can. Please feel free to contact us for a special curriculum based on the number of students and your objectives.


We are considering hiring technical intern trainees and specified skilled foreign nationals. Is it possible to train our personnel?


Yes, it is possible. We can provide this service in the form of a corporate contract. Prices vary depending on the number of students and target Japanese language level, so please feel free to contact us.


We have already hired technical intern trainees and specified skilled foreigners, and would like to upgrade them to N2 and N1.Is it possible to take your course?


We plan to set up courses for N2 and N1 in the future. As soon as it is ready, we will announce it on our website. You can also contact us through Contact Us and we will guide you through the process. Please feel free to contact us.