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Hiroshi Taniguchi  |  谷口  宏
President of Digital Language School
デジタルランゲージスクール 理事長

Greeting from the President  |  理事長挨拶

After graduating from university and working as an assistant coach for the women's volleyball team at the University of Alberta (Canada), I worked as a teacher at a public junior high school and high school in Japan for 11 years. Since 2021, I have been teaching Japanese as adjunct professor at the University of the Philippines.

In order to provide more people with opportunities to learn Japanese, I have established Digital Language School, using my Learning Management System (LMS). As the name suggests, this LMS will help efficiently manage our learners’ learning progress. Through this LMS, learners will have free access to all textbooks, notebooks, interactive video materials, and virtual tours needed for their classes. The platform also allows the teacher as well as the learner to check the progress of the course. Many of the usual online classes tend to be one-way. What we offer is a more interactive learning experience.

In addition to the Japanese-style education that prevents learners from dropping out, which I learned from my own long experience as a teacher, the system also works to sustain learners' interest. Specifically, we have created our own teaching materials based on immersive learning, utilizing animation creation software and 3D virtual tour software to enable students to learn while experiencing Japan more realistically through 3D images, even when they are not in Japan. 

My hope is that people who are interested in the Japanese language can engage in learning it more easily and achieve their goals without overworking themselves. Japan has a wonderful culture, including Japanese food such as sushi and ramen, anime, and a rule-abiding population. Other countries also have their own wonderful cultures. We believe that we can understand and learn from each others’ cultures and strive towards peace and prosperity.  We hope that our school can be the first step for people who are interested in visiting or living in Japan.


より多くの人に日本語を学ぶ機会を提供するため、Learning Management System(LMS)を活用し、「Digital Language School」を設立しました。このLMSは、その名の通り、学習者の学習の進捗を効率的に管理するためのものです。学習者はこのLMSを通じて、授業に必要なテキスト、ノート、インターラクティブビデオ、バーチャルツアーなどに自由にアクセスすることができます。またこのLMSによって、自分のポートフォリオを作成し、教師だけでなく学習者自身も、コースの進捗状況を確認することができます。通常のオンライン授業は、その多くが一方通行になりがちです。私たちが提供するのは、いつでもどこでも体験できるよりインタラクティブな学習体験で、教師や他の学習者とともに学ぶ空間を作成しました。


私は、日本語に興味を持っている人が、無理なく日本語学習に取り組み、目標を達成できればと願っています。日本には、寿司やラーメンなどの和食、アニメ、ルールを守る国民性など、素晴らしい文化があります。また、他の国にもそれぞれ素晴らしい文化があります。私たちは、互いの文化を理解し、学び合い、平和と繁栄に向けて努力できると信じています。 本校が、日本を訪れたい、日本で暮らしたいと思っている方々の最初の一歩になれば幸いです。

Aiming for a society where 

"Japan and the world merge"



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